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Josiah Schumacher
Ok so I know this is a odd post but but it was something that made me happy and I never would have guessed it so I wanted to write it down.

Since I was sixteen or so I have some hair in one form or another growing on my face. And this is a mark of pride for any self respecting male of the the human race; the day you start shaving. Oddly it was my mother who taught me how to shave and not my dad. So I did not have a great father to son, heart to heart on how to be manly. Nope, it was just mom telling me that you put on some shaving cream and you pull the razor over your face and the hair comes off. So I did not have a great and pompous entry into the world of shaving, it was just kinda like any other part of life - just something that happens.

Now years later shaving has become a daily thing that needs to be done(like using the toilet) just something that you have to do. I have tried the cheap dual blade razor that comes in ten per pack and that you throw away when you are done, I have used the super fancy ‘Penta’ blade where it has lubricating aloe on it, and it swivels and pivots to meet the every contour of you face to cut the hair but not your skin. As for shaving cream, I have used the old man ‘Old Spice’ brand pre-foamed shaving cream, I have even tried the really spendy ‘advanced formula cutting gel’ that gets that perfect shave for twenty dollars a bottle of shaving cream.
I have even tried the electric shavers, my dad had given me one of his old ones when I was a young guy for a future use. So the day came when I had some hair to cut with it. O boy was I excited and o-my-gosh was it a horrible experience. I dont know if the blades we dull or what, but I think about half of the hairs were actually cut, maybe a quarter were just pulled up by the root and the last part was just left as a swath of hair that refused to be removed. In the end I gave up because I had so many small razor cuts that it looked like I was having allergic reaction.
Long story short, in the end they really all do the same thing; that hair on your face comes off. That is really all they do, it is not that complicated and it is not rocket science.

So after years of shaving, and trying out different blades and creams I noticed that something was not right. I had been told that if I used a specific disposable razor that has multiple blades on it, (then just like in the advertisement) a very pretty lady will appear and will want to feel my face because it is as smooth as a babies butt. Though this may be true for some lucky few, currently I am single so no one has yet to appear to feel my face. Here is the truth, that silky smooth touch, for most guys that lasts about an hour. So for me the payoff is was not very big, to spend the money on the expensive blade and the lack of any lady's apperating in my bathroom to feel my face made me decide to change what I was doing with my routine. I somehow wanted to make it enjoyable or at least something that made it more cost efficient.

So I looked into other types of shaving, like what did the rest of the world use until we had these super cool advertisements telling us how to live out our lives. Well I thought about the straight razor,(you know that one you always see in a horror movie) but to keep an edge on it I decided that it would be too much work. I had already tried disposable razors and electric ones were definitely out. So looking online I discovered the safety razor, it has exchangeable blades and it has been around since at least the 19th century. So I ordered one up and while I was at it I decided to try some of the actual shaving soap, instead of the gel or foam in a can.

One of the first things I noticed is that the safety razor is actually made fully out of metal and so it is heavy, it has a reassuring weight to it. So already it felt more manly, it did not just feel like I was running a plastic stick across my face. So it is only one blade, but they are incredibly sharp(as I discovered with my thumb), you could circumcise a gnat with one of these bad boys. For example, I am going on week two with just the one side(the blade has two edges, one on either side), and it is cutting just fine. So I am thinking two weeks per side, four weeks of shaving with one blade. The cheap disposable ones don't last that long. That and I got a twenty five pack of german made blades for like eight dollars online. Way, way cheaper. So how about the closeness of the shave, I mean that is what us guys are worried about, right? We want those ladies appearing to feel our face. Well, really it works just as good as any other system that I have used, the skin is nice and smooth right after shaving and, in a hour: the hair has grown out and it is bumpy again. So it is cheaper and it works just as good, awesome.

Like I mentioned I also switched what I was using for shaving cream, the actual shaving soap. So the online company that I purchased the soap though had all sorts for manly soap smells, one was scented sawdust, another engine oil while the last was gun smoke. No, they did not really have those but I what did end up with was; lime, almond, amber and bayrum. After a short learning curve on how to make a good later with the brush, I discovered that it shaves just as good as a cream or a gel but it is not as messy as the others. It smells really awesome, and now I actually enjoy getting the soap foam just right. It is actually a little mark of pride when I can get the foam mixed to just the way I want it.

So now for a the big question, was it worth the money and time to go and buy new stuff and learn how to use it when in the end I had the same result; the unwanted hair was shaved off.

I would say yes, before I was a using a whimsical little blade that did not hold its edge and I was smearing a blue paste from a can onto my face. Now it is like a little ritual, with getting the proper amount of air mixed in to the soap to get a perfect foam, and using the safety razor to shave off the hair. Plus the razor has the reassuring weight to it, and it seems like something that with a little proper care could outlive me. So I would say time and money well spent.
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A few weeks ago a new family came to church and they brought with them their daughter. She stood out because she had very beautiful raven colored hair, but I did not introduce myself to the new family thinking that someone else would talk to them. The following sunday they were back and this time I took the time to talk with them, after a few moments of conversation I learned that their names were Craig, Rebecca and the daughter's name was Maria. That sunday was our end of month potluck at our church and the family decided to stay, after the potluck I was able to get a chance to talk to Maria.

I maybe talked to her for total of about a half hour but in that time I learned many wonderful things about her, I learned that she was an accomplished shooter, she had a passion for martial arts, she said that she loved getting up very early so she could feel that she had done something with her day. I learned that she had a dog that she cared about, that recently had received a change in her job that she was happy about, and that she had moved to Idaho so that she could be closer to her family. At one point or another in the conversation we got on the topic of books, I discovered that we each liked the same genre of books and had even read some of the same ones. She told me about a book that she had really enjoyed and suggested that I read it, then she told again that I should read it, so I wrote the name down. About that time her family was leaving so I said, good bye.

That Monday I purchased the book online and eagerly awaited its arrival, though it did not arrive until a week later. The next Sunday she was at church but I did not get a chance to talk to her, I figured there was always next week. So when the book did show up I started reading it that night. The following sunday I wanted to thank her for telling me about the awesome book that I had been enjoying, but her parents were there though she was not. I had a good conversation talking with Craig and Rebecca at church but I figured that there is always next Sunday to thank her. Now two weeks into the book and nearly done I was excited to talk to her about the different characters and ask her if there was any more suggestions she had.

That sunday morning I learned that she had left this world.

I am deeply saddened to hear what happened, for that small amount of time that I was able to talk to her - she was such a wonderful and lovely young lady with many passions in life. I now will never be able to thank her for the simple suggestion of a book, but I do know that one day when all things pass in this life, that in heaven, I will be able to thank her for a name of a book.

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Gracefully nothing bad has happened but just a few small things that I want to remember.

A friend that I have known for about six months or so, Josh, has been around christians and known of christianity but he was trying his best to resist God. In a long story short between conversations of talking with me and jason, reading the bible and listening to sermons, he has become a christian. It is very cool and amazing how God used me and how God shaped Joshs life so that everywhere Josh went he could not escape the grace of Christ.
In all of the conversations that we have had and the time spent together, we came up with the idea that we would become roommates. So I am the one who will pick the location, so I am hoping to be able to find a 3 room; small house or at least a duplex. So far nothing has come up, but we are not in a bind for time so I should be able to find something good.

Just as a small add on, I finally got to play the game ‘The Last of Us’, and it was very enjoyable game. It had its creepy parts, it had beautiful and lovely sections, it also had well written and properly acted(both voice and the characters body language) sorrow which is really hard to do in a video game. Its over arching story was simple- zombies break out and now many years later a cure is found a in a child. Though what the writers did was keep that simple story and then write rich and wonderful sub story of these two characters as they are forced into each others lives. So I had to wait years to play it, but I was really fun and I really enjoyed it.
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So after about three or so weeks of looking for a new car I ended up getting something way better than I ever thought would. Originally I was looking at a 3 thousand dollar car, not not a great car but it was something. But what I ended up with was a killer good deal that Blake Kezar was able to work out for me at Tom Scot Honda. It is a 07 Honda CRV and it only has 83k miles on it(see the picture below), and I was able to get it at to $230 a month for payments and 3.7% interest for the next five years. So it was a good deal and God blessed me allowing me to get it. Later that same day there was two people that walked in to the shop that had cash in hand that wanted to buy it, and while I was talking to Blake(before I had bought it) about it there was another person who wanted the keys because they wanted to test drive it. Long story short, it was a God thing, I am very thankful and very happy. Honda-CR-V_2007_1024x768_wallpaper_01

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So I have always wanted to have a pair of them fancy toe shoes, so I got a really good deal on a pair online. I knew that they used different muscles and that it was not normal because it is barefoot running. I had everyone tell me that, so I have been running/jogging for the two months, I did not think it would be a big deal. I was wrong. I did a short little 1 or 1.5 mile jog. O my gosh, my legs hurt so bad this morning. Ok so, they are working and different muscles are being used, it is going to be good.

Crystal has been having issues with her kidney, she actually went in to the hospital do to very bad pain. Long story short she is on meds and after they run the course, they are going to rescan her body. The bad news is that they think there is a chance of cancer, because of how the growths are acting and where they are. So I will have to keep us posted on any changes.

As one friend put it, ‘You have the gift of gab’, so talking, making comments and running my mouth has never been hard for me. I also enjoy playing video games, so I have found a marriage of the two. I have been casting videos for League of Legends. It has been fun and I by no means good at it yet but it is damn good fun. So I have been making the videos and uploading them to youtube, right now it is just a few of my friends that are watching them but maybe I will get lucky something might come out of it.

Jason got a new job in boise, so that means that we might be moving back to the boise area. yay.

So my poor little car is dieing, it is looking pretty banged up now with being hit by two cars. So I am trying to find a replacement for it, so there is not any great stories, yet. Though I never thought that it would be so hard or time consuming, this is just as bad as trying to date a girl, at least that is fun.
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Now granted I have never been a smooth talker or really any kind of smooth with the lady's but I always thought that after they got to know me that is my strong point because of my personality. So I have been using my eHarmony account for about four months and there have only been a few that seemed like it would be a good match. But about a month ago one came up and we started to send each other messages, we hit it off really well. About every to days or so another message would be sent between us, and these were not short messages they were getting longer and loner, which is was fine by me. She even suggested that we skype so that we can talk, so I went out and got a webcam so she could see me, and then nothing. The time she set up, she never showed up. So I sent her a message, to try to get another time and still no response. that was nine days ago. bummer. So yah, i guess i said something or did something that was not the best. Rejection is never fun, but it just sucks that on for a month and she suggested that we skype, she set up the time and then ended it.

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So many times I have started up and stopped again in writing in my journal, so I was looking at my last post and it was nearly a year and a half ago. Yikes. So I guess that I will skip trying to tell any big stories and try to get anything within a month or so. And I have some wishfull thinking that I will keep writing this time.

The 4th of july went over really well, for once I actually had the day off. Mom and dad did a party at their house so there was volleyball, a potluck, music, water balloons, a giant slip-n-slide, root beer floats, a fire and finally the fireworks. It was very nice, it was good not to be working and to be able to enjoy the time with friends and family.

The latest big thing is that heather and jared got divorced. I think it went through about two weeks ago, so heather is moving back into mom and dads house. It will be interesting, I dont quite know how it is going to work out but they are letting her stay there. I just hope it ends well because I know it is going to be really hard for her to move back in.

Probably two and a half months back a lady hit my car on my way to work, though it did not do a lot of damage it bent a part that ‘totaled’ my car. So I did get a nice fat check from the insurance company for my car, I think it was about one thousand eight hundred and I originally paid eight hundred dollars for the car years ago. So I was happy.

Three weeks after getting the insurance money, I had to be admitted to the ER. Nt appendix was infected and swollen, so I had to have it taken out that day. And there went all that money and then some, I number right now is just a little under 3k after insurance.

Maybe three or four months back I purchased a eHarmony account, it has been hit and miss with trying to find a lady friend on there. I knew it was a tool that could help but I have also been actively pursuing and finding out about local possibilities. So far it turns out that, either they are married, not interested, or talking to them for a while it does not feel like a good match. The good news is that God works in wonderful and amazing ways, so all need to do is be content with what I have and wait on His timing.

With my income from the tax return, and I also selling my laptop I rolled the money into buying and building a nice-n-fancy desktop computer. I love the thing, but I have yet to actually come up with a name for her, but all the same it is way better than the laptop.

I moved out of mom and dads house back in January of 2014 to nampa. Jason is my roommate, and it is not so bad, it is only 500 a month living here so it is hard to complain. But I will say that living in a quadruplex is not all it could be.

I did end up getting the job at costco, it was on my second round of seasonal work when they decided to hire me. When I was hired on after the temp work I was moved from the bakery to the the food court.
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So dad refers to this story as 'A wild ride with Mr. Toad', and it is kind of a fitting title so here it is;
Crystal and I were driving back from The 10th annual Rowdy Raid of the Randy Schoolgirls in downtown boise; crystal and I were each schoolgirls and partied with Nurse Jessica at her birthday party. Though the real adventure began with the drive home. So the weather had been nasty and there was ice all over the road. I had made it nearly home, I was one mile away from my off ramp on the freeway when all hell broke loose. I had just driven under a overpass when I felt the car start to drift, the freeway has a natural curve to the right but my car just kept on moving to the left. Problem one: loss of traction while going 60mph on the freeway. Problem 2: there is a semi-truck in the lane that I am skating into. As soon as I felt the car break loose I let off the gas and tried to drive into the direction that that the car was moving to re-gain traction, but the semi-truck was right there so I did not have much time to correct it, hoping that I had enough traction I tried to turn the car back to the right and away from the semi. Nope, it did not work. Instead of the front end of the car colliding it caused the back end to hit. The bump sent the car off at an odd angle; each time I tried to correct by driving into the angle the car just began to swerve larger and larger. By the fourth swerve I was worried that I would completely loose control or start a spin on the freeway. So I should have been pumping the breaks the entire time but I forgot to do so, instead I drove the car hard right and locked up the breaks. Since I had just passed the overpass there is that triangle shaped shaped area of 'no mans-land' between the on-ramp, the over pass and the freeway. So I drove the car into that area(it is all dirt), it actually grabbed and rotated the car 180 degrees so my car was perpendicular to the freeway. Then all was silent.....the engine was not running, the semi-truck I had bumped just kept going and no one else was one the freeway. I checked with crystal if she was hurt, she was fine and I was fine. I started the car(it still ran), checked to my left(still no cars), and pulled back out on to the freeway and then drove the rest of the way home.

So as I had mentioned in my last posting I was job hunting but I was finally able to find something a little past the one month mark, I am working as a cook at Johnny Carino's. Originally they hired me to be a waiter which would be great but they poo-pooed the process and are taking forever. I think it was about three weeks of interviews/waiting on call backs. And even after the orientation they said another two weeks before I start. Though in the mean time they had an opening in the kitchen on the weekends, so hey I am a cook again. Meh, it is not what I wanted but hey beggars can be choosers right? Though hopefully before to long I will get a call back from Costco. The time line with them is about two to three months, so I only have about four to six weeks left.

Well it has been somewhat of a good thing that I have not had much to do for the last week or so because I managed to contract strep throat, and it sucked big time. I came home from work on monday night and I felt a little catch/tickle in the back of my throat. By tuesday morning it hurt really freaking bad, so I thought that it was just whatever and it would pass.......by thursday I had not gotten any better. I was not able to eat or drink or swallow my own saliva, it hurt that bad. I was eating Tylenol like candy trying to deal with the pain, mom even gave me one of her pain killers from her shoulder surgery but that still did not fix it. So I went to the doctor thursday morning, they did the test and, yep I got it from somewhere. But now I am doing better, probably because I am also on day three of the antibiotics. Yay for meds.

So the last book in the wheel of time series is out and is also in audible, I started the series probably three or maybe fours ago. I originally purchased the first book for crystal for her birthday through audible, but she never started it so I figured that I should not waste it and listen to it myself. And I loved it thought, it was great and really cool and wanted more but I also did not want to pay the 34-45 dollars per book. Because I am cheep like that. So time went by then I discovered that Amber Hill had most of them on audible and she allowed me to access her account to listen to more. Through some piracy by my sister Heather she was able to get me everything up to The towers of Midnight but just like everyone else I had to wait for the last book. So I waited, and waited......finally the last book came out. And I totally forgot most the details of the other books while I was waiting for the last one. Yep, fail. So I started the series over. I am on book 4 of 14 so roughly 120 hours down and about 400 more to go....it will be good.

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It is epic story time so grab a chair and come close or if you are already sitting on one, well then…good for you, that means that you are an opportunist . Anyways, back to the epicnes at hand.
I had been invited to a Tim Beck party(that means an 18 and up) and It was out in the Kuna desert which for once was on my end town, and I decided that I could stomp around in the dirt to some loud music and have fun. It was on a Saturday night so after work I drove home cleaned up and got my outfit together which consisted of using some spray-in hair color to make a orange mohawk, my steampunk coat and goggles, a black wife beater and my ‘break out’ prison pants(white with black stripes, to look like 1920 prison garb).
I was about a half mile from my house when I had to make a right turn onto Meridian road, coming to a stop there was a car in the near lane which if I pulled out I probably would not be able to accelerate fast enough so I pulled out into the outside lane. To my annoyance the car that I tried to be kind to changed lanes behind me, but my car is ‘no spring chicken’ and does not have the best acceleration though I did my best to get up to speed but the car just got closer and stated to ride my tail. So not wanting to play his game I used my turn signal and changed back to the inside lane and held right at the speed limit hoping they would pass me. Instead he changed lanes back behind me and turned the police lights on. Now it made since, he was running my plates that is why he kept changing lanes and riding my tail, well I did not have anything to hide and was not worried more wondering why he had pulled me over. When he came up to my window he asked if I knew why he had pulled me over, I did not, he informed me that it was Idaho law that when making a right turn it was required to turn into the nearest lane(not the outside one). Oops. Well he was really nice and just gave me a warning. Then he asked me about my pants wondering why it looked like I was dressed like a inmate. I will admit that I felt a little odd dressed as such and trying to be respectful to the officer but all the same I told him that I was out to a party in the kuna desert. He then asked me if I knew where it was, I informed him that I had some rough directions but nothing really to exact. He knew about the party and gave me better directions on how to get there, and then he asked me if I had good shoes and a flashlight due to the rough and rocky ground. I told him that I had each. Out of politeness I told him that I was bringing a beer with me(I pointed to it in my passenger seat), and I also pointed out to him my chefs knife(which was on the passenger side floor) at which point he commented that he had seen it and asked where I worked. I told him that I worked at Brick 29, he responded that he loved the restaurant and really enjoyed the food. And with that he told me to be safe, have a good night and not to make any more wide turns. So off I went and eventually found the proper turnoff, parked and joined the party.
The party was planned to run from nine pm until five am so when I showed up at eleven something it was still early. There was probably about one-hundred and twenty people either by the DJ stage or standing by the fire I made a round or two looking for people that I knew but did not recognize anyone. I did on the other hand see some underage drinking and smelled some weed but that is normal for such parties, so not finding much to do I headed over to the stage to kick my feet and do some dancing to the music. Well before too long my 64oz of beer was gone and no one that I knew had shown and I was considering leaving when I noticed that there was a female officer talking to the DJ, each was pointing to the fire which was large but nothing too crazy when I remembered that there was a burn ban and there was not to be any fires in the desert. Thinking I could watch some drama unfold I walked over to fire to see what would happen, one of guys that was helping run the party was trying his best to kick some dirt on the fire to put it out. When I neared he asked the crowd around the fire in a hurried voice, ’we need to put the fire out, does anyone have any water? it is the only reason why the police are here.’ He continued to kick the dirt on the fire but asked in a more desperate voice ‘anyone?’ the response came back from crowd ‘I only have beer’. Not wanting to be a jerk I told him that I had two nalgenes of water in my car and would grab them, as I went off I turned on my flashlight so I could see better, after I retrieved the water I stated to walk back when about half way I noticed another flashlight walking towards me. Once the light was about ten or so feet away a male voice greeted me with ‘glad to see that you were able to find the place’, it was the same officer that had pulled me over. Told him that I had found the place and thanked him for the directions, his female partner left her flashlight on but pointed it at the ground. Upon doing so she noticed my pants that I was wearing and asked why I was wearing them. A little abashed I explained that it was originally for another party and simply was recycling them for tonight’s party. I think her response was something like ‘ah’(she was really impressed). She then commented that his was one of the few parties that when they had shown up people did not start running away. I responded that the eighteen and up parties were…. and as I was searching for the correct word the three of us heard something like water being poured on the ground. The flashlight was flicked up and it showed a guy without a shirt wearing gold pants his back turned to us and peeing on the ground about fifteen or so feet away. The male officer asked, ‘what are you doing?’ in a serious but not loud voice. Mr. Gold pants responded with ‘eh’ then he looked over his shoulder and said ‘oh shit, cops….i eh, was… I was’ the male officer informed him that there was facilities that were rented for that use and they were to be used. Mr. Gold Pants quickly pinched it off and scudded away, that gave me the moment to complete my earlier sentence with ‘entertaining’.
By the time the officers left and I reached the fire it was out. With not much to do for the evening I also left and called it a night. But that was not the end of the drama, oh no. The next morning I kept getting notices from facebook that people were posting on the events page. Apparently at two am Idaho State Police showed up and ended the party sending everyone home. What made it odd is that technically ISP does not have jurisdiction on that part of land, they only patrol Idaho freeways and highways, but all the same the party was over. So people were raging over that, then some lady posted about how she thinks the police had set up as a sting so they could pull over and arrest people for drinking or doing other substances. Yep that was stupid, but all the same it set another fire which sent arguments going back and forth. The final postings were from the people who helped clean up(did not promote but just helped clean up) about how they collected five large plastic garbage bags of the crap that had been left behind. They just kept going on and on how irresponsible the people were and that it was immature to not pick up after themselves.
Personally I did not understand what the issue was, the eighteen year old group evaluated as a whole has never been known for being wise or making logical choices. But it is America and that is what facebook is for, so they posted about anything and everything and raged about for about two or three days when finally it all stopped.
So I figured that I paid ten dollars to be admitted to the party, and I received a fair amount of entertainment. Now granted it was not like going to the movies, but still I think that I got my money’s worth.

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Wow my last post was seven months ago, it went past really fast. How the time fly’s, yes well some things I want to talk about others I just want to mention them that way they are not totally lost to time. Well in seven months a lot has happened; Greg Lamm left Brick 29 but we hired a new Sui Chef David Shipley, some families left the church but others joined, the 4th of July came and went, Jason is only a few days off of closing on a house which they have been telling him for the last two months, I have put school on hold for now and am trying to find a good job, we discovered that Drew, crystals husband, has been abusive and so she has moved back and is trying to get the marriage annulled, I got my first moving violation and was pulled over for not being buckled in, Kyle Flelzien’s family decided to renounce Christianity and are believing in a odd form of mysticism, mom had shoulder surgery and finally after about five months of healing is actually noticing a difference, friends marriages or relationships fell apart and became something only alive in memory, but others started something new and share their joy together. So in short depression, pain, sorrow, despair, darkness, which is balanced by joy, hope, grace, faith, love, light, recovery, and life.
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